DIY-Biology with Open Science Hardware in Aysen

We had an awesome learning experience in Aysen! We visited U. Aysen and together, with students from Liceo Josefina Aguirre Montenegro in Coyhaique and from Liceo Rural Cerro Castillo in Cerro Castillo, constructed a HomeScope for each of the schools’ DIY biology groups. We learned so much about the the role Open Science Hardware can play in connecting rural and urban youths with Nature and ecosystems. Thank you all for teaching us so much and making us have so much fun! Thanks to Fondecyt 1191893 for making this possible.


Blue Ribbon @ Maker Faire Shenzhen 2019

Congrats to Alfredo L’Homme for taking HomeScope ( to Shenzhen Maker Faire 2019 and win 2  Blue Ribbons!


Welcome Carles!

We are super ultra exited to have Carles visiting us for six months! Carles is a physics graduate from Barcelona who  is know pursuing a Ph.D. in music at UNAM in Mexico. Carles is also part of Interspecifics, a art/science/research collective we admire and love to collaborate with in order to speculate together about communications with other species. In particular, we are all trying to talk and listen to bacteria.


Congrats to Alfredo!

We are so happy Alfredo was awarded the Chinese Government Fellowship to move to China to pursue graduate education. Alfredo is joining OpenFIESTA in Shenzhen to pursue a Master program in Biology, Nanosciences, and Informatics.

Congrats Pablo!

Pablo, our first physics undergraduate, conducted amazing work helping us up understand the statistical physics of swarming. Also developed great computer vision algorithms. We wish the best of lucks to Pablo who is now moving to Georgia Tech’s Q-biology school to pursue his Ph.D. in biological physics.

Congrats Miles!

We are super super happy Miles (Wetherington) won a Conicyt graduate fellowship to support his graduate research! Miles studies the collective behavior of bacteria in synthetic ecosystems. He constructs spatially distributed landscapes of habitat using micro-fabrication and uses them to challenge bacteria on-chip. Well deserved Miles!