Former members

Former Ph.D. student

Fabai Wu Ph.D. Thesis “Spatial organization in nano-sculptured bacteria, a tale of shape, scale, patterns, and genomes” (2015). Now a postdoc with Cees Dekker at the TU Delft.

Felix Hol Ph.D. Thesis “Bacterial Societies: cooperation, colonization & competition in micro-scale ecosystems” (2014). Now a postdoc with Manu Prakash at Stanford.

Former Master students

Pieter Schoustra M.Sc. Thesis “Models of migration and settlement of E.coli on micro fabricated landscapes” (2012). Now working at Bluerise B.V.

Bas van Schie M.Sc. Thesis “Dependence of Min Protein Oscillatory Behavior on Geometry in Defined Novel Escherichia coli Cell Morphologies” (2012). Now working at Proficium B.V.

Rutger Woolthuis M.Sc. Thesis “Cooperation and competition in a contact prisoner’s dilemma” (2012). Now in the Ph.D. program, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Mathias Voges M.Sc. Thesis “Biodiversity of a colicin-mediated community in microscale habitats” (2011). Now in the Ph.D. program, Stanford University, California, USA.

Simon van Vliet M.Sc. Thesis “Microbial Population Dynamics in Spatially Structured Environments” (2011). Now in the Ph.D. program, ETH, Zurich, Zwitserland.

Fabai Wu M.Sc. Thesis “Cell division, mechanical interaction and antibiotic susceptibility of E. coli in sub-micon constrictions” (2010). Now in the Ph.D. program, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Farzad Sekhavati M.Sc. Thesis: “E.Coli properties under pressure in a micro-channel” (2010). Now in the Ph.D. program, LMU Munich, Germany

Rosalie Driessen M.Sc. Thesis: “Single cell manipulation and characterization of E.coli on microfabricated silicon chips” (2009).  Now a postdoc at Leiden University, The Netherlands

Former Postdocs

Peter Galajda Now a PI at the Biological Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Szeged, Hungary

Jaan Mannik Now a PI and Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, University of Tennessee, Tennessee, USA

Former Bachelor students (CL)


Alfredo Araneda B.Sc. Thesis: “Implementación de un operador de transporte en el proceso de contacto” (2017)


Former Bachelor students (NL)


Danny de Graaf B.Sc. Thesis: “Morphology and Chromosome Positioning of E.coli under two-dimensional spatial constriction upon inhibition of MreB and PBP2” (2011)

Lodewijk Frima B.Sc. Thesis: “On the correlation between aging of E. coli and population dynamics in spatially structured ecosystem” (2011)

Heleen Doolaard B.Sc. Thesis: “Collective motion of bacteria and their interaction with microscopic gears” (2010)

Janneke Noorlag B.Sc. Thesis “Bioinformatics of adaptation in shape-shifting E. coli” (2010)


Pieter Schoustra B.Sc. Thesis: “Testing the evolution of Escherichia coli from microfluidic experiments with narrow contrictions” (2009)

Tim Weenink B.Sc. Thesis: “Microscale spatial interactions in E. coli: the dynamical life inside a chip” (2009)

Rutger Woolthuis B.Sc. Thesis: “Playing spatial prisoner dilemma with bacteria: theory and & experiments” (2009)


Michiel Jol B.Sc. Thesis: “Towards electronic scanning of bacteria in arrays of nano-fabricated patches” (2008)

Former visiting researchers in CL

Guillaume Dumenil Pathogenesis of vascular infections. Instituut Curie, France
Ivan Cournut Hacking cojos and cell biophysics, Center for Interdisciplinary Research, France

Former visiting researchers in NL

Peter Galajda Cellular biophysics. BRC, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hans Metz Evolutionary biology. Leiden University
Peipei Chen Systems biology of aging. CRI Paris, France