Bugs living in a one-dimensional micron-scale city

You are watching (if you have a quicktime plugin installed in your browser) real-time video of fluorescent E. coli cells (made green by adding genes to them so they produce a Green Fluorescent protein GFP in their bodies) moving and chilling around while living their microbial existence in a one dimensional landscape—an array of Micro-scale Habitat Patches (MHPs) of dimensions 100 x 100 (wide) x 25 (deep) microns. These MHPs are connected here as a 1D array by ecological corridors which are 50 microns long and just 5 micron wide. Ecosystem services (of food supply and waste removal) are provided to these MHPs by the synthetic ecosystem (micro/nano fluidic device) by means of nano-scale slits connecting MHPs and habitat reservoirs. You can also view this video in youtube here