Janneke Noorlag


Janneke comes from The Netherlands and is our lab manager and scientific coordinator for the wetlab. Janneke and Juan go way back to the lab’s origins at Delft when they were researching E. coli together and are now life partners at home and lab.

Janneke has been curious about nature since childhood. In the lab she brings into practice her schooling in molecular and microbiological sciences. Outside, she likes to travel around the world to be a life long learner on biology, cultures, languages and food. During her first visit to Chile, she fell in love with the ecoregion known as Valdivian temperate rain forest. While there, you can find her observing the forest floor’s micro trees like lichens, fungi and mosses or looking around spotting birds. She is interested in ArtScience projects on the biology of urban and rural human settlements, their relationships and the connection to their supporting ecosystems.