Congrats Simon!

We are super pleased to learn today that Simon’s latest manuscript,  Do microenvironmental changes disrupt multicellular organisation with ageing, enacting and favouring the cancer cell phenotype? , was recently accepted for publication in BioEssays!

3 more years!

Super happy to learn today that we got 3 years of funding to study ecology on-chip together with our colleagues at the Núcleo Milenio Active Matter Physics. In the last three years of collaborations with researchers at the center, we have increased the number of PIs and research lines from 3 to 6 while expanding the number of universities involved from 1 to 3. Furthermore, we have enriched the territorial extent of our research operations to now incorporate Aysén in Chilean Patagonia. It has been a great ride mixing physics and biology while studying the boundary between soft  and biological matter. Thanks to all colleagues who have been part of the adventure.

Congrats to Simon!

We congratulate Simon (Castillo) on a great Ph.D. defense and wish him the best on his new adventure in England. Simon, did amazing work linking spatial ecology and cancer research mixing experiments and theoretical work. Simon has been offered a postdoc position at the Yuan lab at the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK to perform postdoctoral work at the interface of ecology and cancer. We wish Simon the best in his new transatlantic adventure!.


Congrats to Susana!

We are delighted to learn that Susana is already in the USA to start her Ph.D. at University of Oregon in Eugene. We wish Susana the best in her new adventure and we are very lucky to have had her help as our Research Assistant for the past year.