Hong Kong (香港) talks are out online!

The HKUST video channel has publish the talks from the amazing workshop on symplifying biology from the perspective of physics, held at the Institute for Advanced Studies of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 香港科技大學 , that Janneke and Juan attended on December 2014. Here a selection of 4 talks:

1.-Opening by Bob on spherical cows and arrogant bulls.

2.-Talk by Juan on bacterial waves and metabolic fields.

3.-Talk by Shashi on active matter and coupled oscillators.

4.-Bob’s Talk about field theory in biology.

2016 Shenzhen Assembly


Janneke and 纪皇 (Juan) are back from the 2016 Shenzhen Assembly in 深圳, 中国 where the amazing 中国人 treated us very nicely and made us feel at home. We learned a lot about DIY sensors and most importantly how to remember to evolve exponential responsibility in the face of an exponential growth of many technologies such as cheap prototyping, open source electronics, DIY biology and learning and teaching open science in hacker spaces. Shenzhen is an amazing city to accelerate learning and teaching with open technologies. In particular we have made many new friends in the maker movement who share our interests in open science and open education such as Seeed studio and Open FIESTA.

Million thanks to co-organizers Sage Bionetworks, CRI-Paris, Institut Pasteur and 清华大学 for putting together such an intellectual and emotional treat!