Juan Keymer | 纪胡安

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Juan, a native from Chile, went around learning some science hacks and tricks and after 20 years outside CL, now he is back working within the Department of Natural Sciences and Technology at University of Aysen in Patagonia. In the laboratory, Juan plays with concepts and experiments at the interface of physics and biology in order to understand how cells organize into communities and tissues and what are the roles of space and adjacency relationships in determining such organization.

On the educational front, working with colleagues within the Biotexturas collective, Juan is interested in learning and teaching by doing it yourself methodologies like DIY biology and DIY electronics as well as the role of hacker spaces and communities play in providing alternative platforms for evolving educational paradigms.

Outside the lab Juan, together with his wife Janneke, loves to travel and learn from different peoples and different places around the planet. After living in New Jersey and South Holland he is now trying to integrate into Chilean society while exploring the connection between Shenzhen and Patagonia.