bio 4043 | 年 2016 | evolution

Adaptive Dynamics
Evolution of life history strategies in an ecological context

Note for students

Some days ago (18日 3月 2016年) we learned the basics of Adaptive Dynamics (AD). 今天 (12日 4月 2016年), we will discuss two papers applying what we learned B4. These papers can be downloaded from the list below. Two extra papers in case you need a deeper study than what we discuss. For pdf files of the slides, see lecture notes links below. If you have any questions, email me.


今年 lecture notes from class | Friday 18日 03月 2016年

今年 paper discussion notes | Tuesday 12日 04月 2016年

Papers for discussion

1.- The Evolutionary origin of cooperators and defectors

2.- The origin of species by sympatric speciation

Papers for support

3.- Evolutionarily singular strategies and the adaptive growth and branching of the evolutionary tree

4.- A hitchhiker guide to adaptive dynamics

Useful external links

*.-the origin of cooperators and defectors java applet

*.-infinite more papers on adaptive dynamics topics

extra support files/software/hardware/

Mathematica support (notebook files) for “paper discussion” section above developed on a Raspberry Pi board:

*.- .nb tar ball (paper1_fig1.nb, paper1_fig3.nb, paper2.nb)