ORIC+: 我们爱中国!


Our last Chinese experience was a total success. Together with our Chinese collaborators we had an amazing research-by-doing summer school at Tsinghua University High School (ORIC+ or if you Wanna translate the 中文?) where we all learned together about nanotechnology, microfluidics, artificial intelligence, electronics, open source hardware and software. We constructed 5 Homescopes (DIY robotic microscope) and with them did research on microfluidics ecosystems on-chip were we tested the microbiome of Tsinghua’s campus as well as used artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning to describe the spatial ecology of these ecosystems. All in 2 awesome weeks, we learned so much from an amazing team of students (谢谢!你们学生). We love China (我们爱中国)!