This guide as well as the conception and creation of the HomeScope were only possible thanks to two collaborative research workshops. The first of these workshops we attended; was together with our collaborators Fernan Federici and Interspecifics at the Media Lab Prado in Madrid last year. This was the consequence of the inspiration we built together in Santiago while participating in the second Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH). It was here where we started researching together while having Speculative Communications with microbes and started to explore the hybridization between hardware and biology. Overcoming the hardware intensive challenges of this emergent research project was only possible thanks to the lessons we learned at Shenzhen’s electronic markets and hackerspaces while participating in a second workshop; this time with our collaborator Luping Xu from Open FIESTA at Tsinghua University Graduate School in Shenzhen. These two research workshops lead to the development of the HomeScope; a platform for research, teaching, and community development made in Chile. Our participation in these fruitful development/research activities has been only possible thanks to the generous support of Chile’s Conicyt research grant Fondecyt 1150430.