Lab outing 2016: ECIM @ Las Cruces, Valparaiso, Chile

Our fist lab outing in Chile was a success!!!. Thanks to all lab people (Janneke, Ivan, Miles, Alfredos, and Juan) and to ECIM, ECIM’s people, and special thanks to Glenda Llanos and Sergio Navarrete for setting up all the logistics for us and setting us up with the best room ever to hold a meeting/brainstorming/workshop sesh.

Some pics documenting キメロ.LAB@ ECIM ’16


In a nutshell: We learned to code in C and to code Arduino controller boards (thanks 2 Ivan), about Las Cruces urban history and development (thanks 2 Janneke), about cosmology (thanks 2 Alfredo L), about neurobiology (thanks 2 Alfredo A), about cellular automata & philosophy of science (thanks 2 紀皇) and Ecology (thanks 2 Miles). At the same time we also sampled and learned intertidal ecology as well as eat our ass off at the town local sea food restaurants. We also focused (or attempted to) on a strategy for experiments and theory to understand bacteria (or maybe all cell types) in space and time after all we learned from the outing.

The timetable was almost followed on time Dutch/Chilean/French/US style.

Welcome Gabriel

We welcome Gabriel Ramos to the Lab. Gabriel is a graduate student in the Ph.D. program of the Department of Physics (DFI) at U.Chile’s FCFM pursuing a Ph.D degree working with Rodrigo Soto and Maria Luisa Cordero. He is interested in bacteria-driven droplet dynamics in chemo attractant gradients.