AI Scope

We are developing an intelligent microscope using open source hardware and neuromorphic AI together with Biotexturas and our collaborators in 中国。The idea is to incorporate neuromorphic computing capabilities (NM500) into our open source robotic microscopes Homescope and Deltascope which are both based on low-cost open-source technology.

We are training the NM500 to track the spatial ecology of swarming bacteria like Paenibacillus. Below we see a NeuroShiel neuromorphic AI board powering HomeScope computer vision.

NeuroShield-powered HomeScope

To make the image collage above, we used the NM500 neurons to detect features of an expanding colony of Paenibacillus bacteria growing over an agar surface while being observed through HomeScope’s optical system with a 10x objective. For more info see PaeniHunter and Biotexturas