Current members

Principal Investigator

Juan E. Keymer

Lab Manager & Science Coordinator

Janneke Noorlag

Ph.D Students

Miles Wetherington 
Kevin Simpson 

Undergrads and Master Students

If you are a master or undergraduate student at a University within the Red Nacional de Movilidad Estudiantil de las Universidades Estatales de Chile and you are interested on working on Ecology-on-chip (theory and/or experiments) together, with other Scientists at the MN Active Matter Physics, please write us an email and let us know!


We have two open positions to join our research group and work on Ecology-on-chip (theory and/or experiments) together with Juan and collaborators in our Millennium Nucleus Physics of Active Matter.

Collaborating Scientists

Peter Galajda (BRC, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary)
Fernan Federici (GMM, PUC)
Maria Luisa Cordero, Néstor Sepulveda & Rodrigo Soto (Department of Physics, FCFM, U. Chile)
Jean Baptiste Boule (MNHN / CNRS, France)